Easton YB14S1 S1 Composite Youth Baseball Bat

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The reason that there are such a large number of guardians and under 14 baseball players clamoring for the fresh out of the plastic new Easton YB14S1 S1 composite youth baseball bat is on the grounds that it exploits new composite barrel material that broadens the sweet spot of the bat (fundamentally) and gives all players a fix of certainty each and every time they dive into the container.

Produced out of an assortment of various development materials, every last one of the top of the line and space-age in nature, this play club has a sweet recognize that is two or even three circumstances bigger than the customary one you’ll discover on aluminum compound bats – and that is, something to be thankful for!

Mis hits will fall off of this bat similarly as strong as those hit ideal on the barrel, giving players a help of certainty furthermore accelerating the amusement a bit while including some hostile capability.

The – 12 drop and to one of quarter inch barrel implies this bat will be endorsed for pretty much every adolescent class out there up to Little League, giving guardians the chance to buy this bat and have their players utilize it for no less than a few seasons before another one must be requested.


This isn’t precisely the least expensive polished ash available right now, and it’s certainly not the least expensive youth centered play club, either.

Much appreciated in substantial part to the propelled development materials, this bat is probably going to cost a few circumstances as much as customary choices – however it’s very justified, despite all the trouble!

What sort of hitter is this bat ideal for?

You wouldn’t have the capacity to locate a solitary hitter on the group that won’t be ready to exploit everything that the Easton YB14S1 S1 composite youth baseball back conveys to the table.

It is super lightweight, absurdly simple to control (notwithstanding when battling off outside pitches), and has a tremendous sweet spot – ideal for players hoping to assemble their certainty so they can begin to look all starry eyed at the amusement.

Last decision

This bat is a standout amongst the most progressive accessible, and positively one of the most attractive. Players and guardians alike have fallen head over heels in affection with everything that it conveys to the table, and is definitely no reason at all not to get your hands on the fresh out of the plastic new Easton YB14S1 S1 composite youth homerun stick in the event that you need to give your little slugger each chance to drive in runs and pack onto their batting normal.

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